1. Cold Shoulder Dress Cold Shoulder Dress
    Cold Shoulder Dress by Genny
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    Top with Plissé Organza StrapsTop with Plissé Organza Straps
    Top with Plissé Organza Straps by Genny
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  3. Pleated Knit BlousePleated Knit Blouse
    Pleated Knit Blouse by Chicca Lualdi
  4. Sleeveless Top with Velvet BeltSleeveless Top with Velvet Belt
    Sleeveless Top with Velvet Belt by Federica Tosi
  5. Tapered Pant with Ankle ZipperTapered Pant with Ankle Zipper
    Tapered Pant with Ankle Zipper by Chicca Lualdi
  6. Dress with Puff SleeveDress with Puff Sleeve
    Dress with Puff Sleeve by Chicca Lualdi
  7. Dress with Silk FabricDress with Silk Fabric
    Dress with Silk Fabric by Chicca Lualdi
  8. New Arrival Mohair CoatMohair Coat
    Mohair Coat by Chicca Lualdi
  9. New Arrival Wool Coat with Mink Fur PocketsWool Coat with Mink Fur Pockets
    Wool Coat with Mink Fur Pockets by Chicca Lualdi

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