Discover Modalta

Modalta has made it its mission to empower a love for true artistry and to reignite a deep appreciation for one of a kind pieces that are meticulously made by hand in ateliers throughout Italy.

Inspired by a pair of passionate Italian sisters, Modalta is home to some of the most exceptional and distinctive fashion designers from Italy. Laura and Alessandra recognized what was missing in North America – elegant and exclusive style in a sea of trends and fast fashion.

The elite designers that are a part of Modalta represent more than just clothing and accessories. They are passionate artists who value intricate craftsmanship and quality. Each piece embodies layers of talent and countless hours of work from conception to realization. When you wear a Modalta exclusive, you're wearing art, a topic of conversation, a piece that is unlike any other.

These designers were in need of a platform to showcase their talent and share it with fashion lovers around the world – enter Laura and Alessandra. Growing up in Italy, surrounded by beauty – fashion and quality go hand in hand. With Alessandra in Montreal, they soon realized that they needed to find a way to share this artistry with North America. With Laura's background in fashion and her ability to manage logistics and be a liaison to Alessandra in Montreal, Modalta was born.

Laura lives in Milan and travels Italy to discover luxury designers. With her connection to a passionate and diversified team in Montreal, Modalta is able to give true fashion designers the outlet they need to showcase their artistry and passion to North America.

The collections presented by Modalta are not mass-produced; they are handmade, limited in quantity, and breathe new life into Italian fashion. Each season will bring to light new designers, new stories and exciting pieces for women to fall in love with.

Our distinctive gallery of luxury fashion will give your wardrobe the edge it's been longing for – something new, exciting, and one of a kind. The pieces available on Modalta cannot be found anywhere else.

We invite you to discover the Modalta shopping experience.