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    Top with Plissé Organza StrapsTop with Plissé Organza Straps
    Top with Plissé Organza Straps by Genny
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  2. Pleated Knit BlousePleated Knit Blouse
    Pleated Knit Blouse by Chicca Lualdi
  3. Silk Blouse with EmbroiderySilk Blouse with Embroidery
    Silk Blouse with Embroidery by Morfosis
  4. Sleeveless Top with Velvet BeltSleeveless Top with Velvet Belt
    Sleeveless Top with Velvet Belt by Federica Tosi
  5. Blouse with Sheer SleevesBlouse with Sheer Sleeves
    Blouse with Sheer Sleeves by Morfosis
  6. Silk Blouse with Velvet DotsSilk Blouse with Velvet Dots
    Silk Blouse with Velvet Dots by Camicetta Snob
  7. Blouse with Pleated Collar and CuffsBlouse with Pleated Collar and Cuffs
    Blouse with Pleated Collar and Cuffs by Camicetta Snob
  8. Asymmetric Top with Button CollarAsymmetric Top with Button Collar
    Asymmetric Top with Button Collar by Morfosis
  9. Black Blouse with Silver detailBlack Blouse with Silver detail
    Black Blouse with Silver detail by Camicetta Snob
  10. Velvet TopVelvet Top
    Velvet Top by Morfosis

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