Camicetta Snob

This Italian fashion label is for the modern woman who values tradition, quality and timeless style. Made in Italy – elegance, sophistication and style come together in a graceful collection of silk blouses and shirts. Blending classic patterns with beautiful, fluid, silhouettes gives this streamlined collection a luxurious feel.

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Camicetta Snob

  1. Houndstooth Silk BlouseHoundstooth Silk Blouse
    Houndstooth Silk Blouse by Camicetta Snob
  2. Pinstripe Silk BlousePinstripe Silk Blouse
    Pinstripe Silk Blouse by Camicetta Snob
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    Silk Patterned BlouseSilk Patterned Blouse
    Silk Patterned Blouse by Camicetta Snob
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  4. Polka Dot Silk BlousePolka Dot Silk Blouse
    Polka Dot Silk Blouse by Camicetta Snob

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